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The name Augustina in Japanese Katakana is オグシティナ which in romaji is ogushitina. Katakana is the standard translation for names into Japanese, Augustina in Japanese Hiragana, the non-standard translation for names into Japanese, is おぐしてぃな.

How do you write Augustina in Japanese Kanji?

The closest sounding kanji name that sounds similar to "augustina" is 歩月奈 (あげつな, agetsuna). The kanji mean "walk" (歩), "moon" (月), and "what" (奈). The pronunciation is a-ge-tsu-na.

The western meaning of the name Augustina is "great, majestic, or venerable". The closest matching Kanji name based on this meaning would be "Kōshō" (高昇), which is pronounced "Koh-shoh". The kanji for this name mean "high" and "ascend".


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