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The name Delbert in Japanese Katakana is デルバアト which in romaji is derubaato. Katakana is the standard translation for names into Japanese, Delbert in Japanese Hiragana, the non-standard translation for names into Japanese, is でるばあと.

How do you write Delbert in Japanese Kanji?

The closest sounding kanji name that sounds similar to "delbert" is 徳晩太 (Tokuban-ta), pronounced "TO-ku-ban-TA". The kanji 徳 means "virtue" and 晩 means "evening".

The western meaning of the name Delbert is "bright day". The closest matching Kanji name based on this meaning is 明日 (あした), which is pronounced "a-shi-ta". The Kanji characters mean "bright" and "tomorrow", respectively.


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