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The name Melaine in Japanese Katakana is メラニイ which in romaji is meranii. Katakana is the standard translation for names into Japanese, Melaine in Japanese Hiragana, the non-standard translation for names into Japanese, is めらにい.

How do you write Melaine in Japanese Kanji?

The closest sounding kanji name that sounds similar to "melaine" is 目蘭 (Me-Ra-N). This kanji name is pronounced with three syllables: Me (目), Ra (蘭), and N (ん). The kanji characters mean "eye" (目) and "orchid" (蘭).

The western meaning of the name Melaine is "black, dark". The closest matching Kanji name based on this meaning would be 黒 (Kuro). It is pronounced as "ko-ro". The Kanji means "black".


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