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The name Leeanna in Japanese Katakana is リアンナ which in romaji is rianna. Katakana is the standard translation for names into Japanese, Leeanna in Japanese Hiragana, the non-standard translation for names into Japanese, is りあんな.

How do you write Leeanna in Japanese Kanji?

The closest sounding kanji name would be 里杏 (りあん), which is pronounced "ri-an". The kanji means "village apricot".

The western meaning of the name "Leeanna" is derived from the combination of the names Lee and Anna, and it is generally interpreted as "gracious and beautiful". The closest matching Kanji name based on this meaning is 慈美 (Ji-mi). This name is pronounced with two syllables: Ji (as in "jive") and mi (as in "me"). The Kanji characters mean "kindness" and "beauty" respectively.


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